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We’re pleased to announce a new in-store feature coming to Heath SF and LA this August. Heath Finds will be a recurring showcase featuring the works of designers, artists, and makers from our community who inspire. 

Pieces by Bay Area designer Silvia Song will be on display for our first Heath Finds installment August 15 - September 15. Her explorations in woodwork are, in a word, stunning.

Take a peek at her work above, and come meet Silvia in person at Heath SF on Saturday, August 16, from 2-4pm. Discover for yourself why we’re so excited by Silvia’s work.

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Magnus Celestii is a natural wooden desk that spirals up to the ceiling. Designed by Joseph Walsh Studio in Ireland, the sculpture and workspace uplifts the user’s spirits and inspires new heights of creativity. Specially made for the Artist House in Roche Court, the piece was crafted from olive ash and finished with white oil. The impressive design draws from forms and functions seen in Walsh’s earlier work.

-Layers of Ash wood

"Sculptural desk reaches for the sky"

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Being able to connect to a 1000+ people is a privilege. Thank you! all :)


Dimensions shown: 90” x 36” x 29.5”

Material shown: Patchwork Claro Walnut, Polished Cast Bronze

Inquire for custom dimensions, materials, finishes, and sizes. Available with polished, satin, or blackened bronze base.

The 20 stools are constructed with two simple elements, a wooden top and a single accurately bent steel tube. Bent in a way to evoke a constantly changing profile depending on the viewing angle while still being stable. A perfect analogy of the generation the stool was inspired by. 


classic finishes of copper with white oak, or chrome and mahogany, recall classic traditional elements in a modern form. 


Wooden Clock

We wanted to express the idea of “feeling the time”, not “measuring the time”.
It can be shown from revolving slowly on its own axis once every hour with an ambiguous change in its inclination. And we used the preciseness of a Japanease craftman technique to make this delicate shape to revolve smoothly. — vinta |Kohei Okamoto + Tomohiro Yamaguchi + Toshitaka Nakamura|

φ85mm h160mm (hour)
φ85mm h180mm (minute)
MATERIAL : wood, clock movment. 

Design of furniture for a veneer manufacturer of “Lu Yi thousand”. The formulated in-house paint to be used in the polyester decorative plate, etc. made ​​from one piece of a color along the order, Yi thousand Lu has manufacturing facing color and consistently. Series “Iro of straight” is series on the concept of “tools like oneself”. Is meant the “tools” in Esperanto * A “(ilo) Iro”, as the first in a series, I suggested that “Kororodesuku” and “Kororo stool”. Named “Kororo” also has come from the word refers to the “color” in Esperanto “Kororo (koloro)” called, was designed to take advantage of the polyester veneer colorful Yi thousand Lu is good.

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